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Procom Insurance Brokers have been providing the city of Red Deer, Alberta with car, auto, RV, motorcycle, home, condo, and business insurance since 1993. Our brokerage has deep roots in Central Alberta and is proud to be serving the vibrant community of Red Deer and the surrounding areas. We are actively involved in this community and know that it is essential we understand your needs in order to get you the insurance coverage to fit your lifestyle.

We get it. Insurance isn’t something you want to worry about, which is why working with an insurance broker you can trust is the way to go. Unlike many other insurance companies in Red Deer, we have all your insurance needs covered, from home, condo and renters insurance, to car, auto, motorcycle and travel insurance and everything in between.

The Procom Insurance team are based in Red Deer, and made up of experienced insurance brokers who always have customer service at the top of mind. We aren’t just another big brokerage. We see the people behind the policies and make it a priority to take care of our clients. After all, you’re our neighbors, friends, and some of you might even be family!

If you happen to have an insurance claim, you don’t have to worry – we have you covered! We have highly experienced claims experts that will walk you through every step and work to get you the coverage you deserve – we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t going to bat for you.

What’s our competitive advantage, you ask?

Procom Insurance Brokers is a part of the Rogers Group of Companies, which
makes you a BIG fish in a BIG pond; Generally speaking, you have all the benefits of working with a large brokerage while still receiving the unique customer service and individual understanding of a local, independent insurance brokerage here in Red Deer. Rogers Insurance Ltd., based in Calgary Alberta, was started over 40 years ago. And since then, they’ve made it their priority to work with Albertans to get them insurance that makes sense for their lifestyle.

The Rogers Group of Companies includes 13 agencies across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Working with Procom Insurance Brokers means you get to leverage the great rates that come alongside working with the big guys, which means more money in your pocket. Awesome? We think so.


Trusted Insurance Brokers in Red Deer AB

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