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When you’re shopping around for the best Red Deer auto insurance, there’s a lot to think about. Thankfully, Procom Insurance is here to make that process easier for you. We work with many different insurance companies, which allows us to give you competitive quotes and choice in your coverage. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff of Red Deer car insurance brokers can help you find the right insurance that fits your budget.  

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Car Insurance Coverage for Red Deer Drivers

What coverage do you need for your Red Deer auto insurance? Our brokers can help you determine your insurance needs and find you the coverage to match. We do the leg work of research and price shopping for you – and we’re your resource for everything insurance-related.  

Here are the three main areas of coverage: 

  • Third Party Liability – This covers bodily injury or damage to another person and their property. This includes accident benefits.  
  • Collision – This covers repairs or replacement of your vehicle if you’re involved in an accident.  
  • Comprehensive – This covers repairs or replacement of your vehicle for damage caused by other perils such as fire, storms, vandalism, and more. 


There is mandatory minimum third party liability insurance of $200,000 in Alberta. We recommend a higher limit, however, as accidents can be expensive, and you don’t want to be paying out of pocket. 

There are many optional coverages for your Red Deer car insurance. Here are some of the more common ones: 

  • Non-Owned Vehicles – This covers damage to rental cars and any non-owned vehicles you may be driving. This means you wouldn’t need the rental car company’s insurance. 
  • Loss of Use – If your vehicle is involved in an insured incident, you’ll get funds for a rental car while it is being repaired or replaced. 
  • Ride-Sharing – For the Uber, Lyft, Turo and other ride-sharing drivers out there. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer this coverage or for every ride-sharing company. 
  • Roadside Assistance – Some insurance companies offer roadside assistance programs for their clients.  


In Alberta, you can also opt to remove coverage for your vehicle’s glass and for hail damage. This means you save money on your premium but you will not be covered for glass repair or replacement or for any repairs or replacement if your car suffers hail damage. 

Keep in mind if your vehicle is used for commercial purposes or is registered in your business’ name, you’ll need a Red Deer commercial vehicle insurance policy. 

Procom Insurance’s experienced Red Deer car insurance brokers can help you understand your insurance options and determine what coverage you need. Contact us for your free Red Deer car insurance quote today.  


Factors Affecting Red Deer Car Insurance Rates

There are a lot of factors that affect your auto insurance rates in Red Deer. While these vary by insurance company, here is a list of the most common factors: 

  • Insurance History – This indicates how good of a customer you’ll likely be to an insurance company. Being consistently insured, having no claims (or the fewer, the better), and having no payment issues or cancellations by insurers are good indicators.  
  • Driving Record – The number of tickets and their severity tells an insurer how risky of a driver you are. This includes any ticket that caused demerit points on your license (parking and photo radar tickets are not factors).  
  • Where You Live – Using statistical accident and crime data, insurance companies determine the likelihood of your vehicle being involved in an accident or being a target of crime.  
  • Where and When You Drive – Again, this indicates your risk level. Statistically, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident if you are a daily commuter.  
  • Demographics – Based on statistics, your demographics help insurance companies determine how risky you are to insure.  
  • Your Vehicle’s Make, Model, and Year – This determines how expensive your vehicle will be to repair or replace as well as its likelihood to be stolen.  
  • Value of Your Vehicle – Generally, this is the purchase price of your vehicle. Keep in mind that depreciation is a factor over time. 
  • Coverage Options – Your coverage options, deductible, and policy limits all impact the price of your insurance.  


Your deductible is the amount you pay when you have an insured claim before your insurance takes over. The lower your deductible, the higher your premiums. It’s always a good idea to make your deductible as high as you can afford in order to save money over the long term. 

There are also a lot of discounts available which vary by insurer. Your Procom Red Deer car insurance brokers can get you the discounts you’re eligible for. Some of these discounts include: 

  • Drivers Training – Take a driver’s training course to reduce your demerits or get a discount on your insurance. 
  • Claims-Free – After a period of being claims free, you can be eligible for a special discount.  
  • Bundling – Bundle your insurance with a single insurance company for discounts. 
  • Multi-Vehicle – If you insure more than one vehicle with one insurance company, you may get a multi-vehicle discount.  
  • Security – Installing security features such as an alarm system can help get you a discount on your insurance.  


FAQs for Red Deer Auto Insurance

How can I purchase Red Deer car insurance? 

You can purchase car insurance in Red Deer in a variety of ways. Using a brokerage like Procom Insurance, an insurance broker will do the price shopping for you, getting you different car insurance quotes based on your needs and budget.  

You also have the option of insuring directly with an insurance agent that works for a single insurance company. The downside to this is there is no competition and you must do the research and price shopping yourself.  


How do I report a Red Deer car insurance claim? 

On your pink card or policy documents, there will be a phone number listed. If you’re a Procom Insurance client, you can also give us a call or submit a claim through our online portal or mobile app. We’ll help you through the process. 


What is the required car insurance in Alberta? 

The base requirement for car insurance in Alberta is $200,000 third party liability and accident benefits. However, we recommend higher limits to ensure you’re not financially on the hook. Over 85% of vehicles in Alberta are covered for at least $1,000,000 liability.  


Get the Green Light on Auto Insurance

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