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As Red Deer’s premier renter’s insurance brokers since 1993, Procom Insurance provides you choice and competition for your Red Deer renters insurance. We work with several different Red Deer renter’s insurance companies, meaning we can find you the best coverage for the best price. Plus, we’re here to help you understand your insurance and advocate for you in the event of a claim. 


Why Red Deer Renters Need Insurance

You might think you only need insurance for your car or if you own a home. However, there are quite a few reasons you should get renter’s insurance in Red Deer: 

  • Your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover anything belonging to you nor does it offer any liability coverage for you.  
  • Covers the repairs and replacement of your property after an insured loss. 
  • Offers liability coverage, in case someone is injured or has their property damage while in your home.  
  • Identity theft coverage, to help you recover if your identity is stolen. 
  • Funds if you are evacuated or need to temporarily relocate after an insured loss. 
  • Financial protection in the event of a disaster. 
  • Peace of mind, knowing you can recover after a catastrophe. 
  • Coverage is very affordable.  


Red Deer’s Procom Insurance has many knowledgeable, experienced brokers who will work with you to find the coverage that best suits your needs and budget. We take an individual approach and provide unique care to each of our clients. Because we work with multiple insurance companies, you can get quotes from multiple companies without having to do the legwork yourself. We can also advise you on the best choice and how to save money on your policy.  

While it may seem like your personal possessions aren’t worth much, consider how much it would cost to replace everything you owned. It adds up quickly, so you’re likely looking at a hefty bill. Replacing your belongings out of your own pocket is a huge financial burden – one many Red Deer residents can’t bear or don’t want to bear. That’s why there’s Red Deer rental insurance!  

It’s also important to remember that you can be held liable for any thirdparty injury or property damage that takes place in your rental unit. You’re not covered by your landlord’s policy, so it’s important to protect yourself. Lawsuits aren’t cheap, even if you’re not found liable. 

Get peace of mind with Red Deer renter’s insurance with Procom Insurance brokers. We’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions or to get a free Red Deer renter’s insurance quote. 


Our Renters Insurance Coverage

Our experienced renters insurance brokers will work with you to find the perfect rental coverage at the right price for your lifestyle! Some of the tenant coverages we offer include:

  • Liability
  • Contents Insurance
  • Special belongings
  • Sewer Backup
  • Overland Water Coverage


Red Deer Renter’s Insurance FAQs

Q. What is Red Deer renters insurance? 

Renter’s insurance protects Red Deer residents financially in the event of a disaster. There are two main areas of coverage: liability and property. The liability portion of your renter’s insurance helps cover costs if you’re sued after someone is injured or has their property damaged in your rental unit, up to your policy limit. The property or contents part of your renter’s insurance covers physical damage or theft of your belongings. This helps you repair or replace your stuff after an insured event such as a fire. This includes furniture, clothing, jewellery, electronics, household items, and more. 

Keep in mind that some items that are particularly high value such as jewellery, bikes or collections may need special add-on coverage to ensure they’re protected for their full value.  

You’ll also need to select your policy limits and your replacement coverage. Your policy limit is the maximum amount that is paid out in the event of a covered claim. Most insurance policies start at a $30,000 policy limit, which you can increase if your belongings are worth more.  

As for your replacement coverage options, you can generally choose between “actual cash value” and “replacement cost.” Actual cash value is what your belongings would be worth today, or the original purchase price minus depreciation. Replacement cost, however, is what your belongings would be worth new today.  

Let’s use a television as an example. There’s been a fire in your apartment and one of your belongings was a television, purchased 3 years ago for $4000. If you had actual cash value coverage, you’d maybe get $2000 at the time of your claim due to depreciation. If you had replacement cost coverage, you’d get $4000 or the amount it would cost to get a television of similar kind and quality. 

Anything that doesn’t belong to your landlord or isn’t part of the structure won’t be covered under your landlord’s policy, so it’s important to have your own insurance policy if you rent in Red Deer. 

Red Deer renter’s insurance also has a few perks such as mandatory evacuation and additional living expenses coverage. If you’re forced to temporarily relocate from your rental unit due to a mandatory evacuation or after an insured loss, you’ll eligible for funds to help you cover the additional costs from your regular living expenses. While there is a limit and only certain types of expenses are covered, this eases the financial burden of dealing with a disaster and the stress of forced relocation. 


Q. Who needs Red Deer renters insurance? 

Anyone who is renting in Red Deer should have Red Deer renters insurance. Otherwise, they won’t have protection for their belongings or have any liability coverage. Your landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover you – it will only cover the structure, property belonging to your landlord, and the landlord’s own liability.  

This means that anyone who doesn’t want to bear the financial burden of a lawsuit or replacement of all of their belongings should invest in renters insurance.  

Some landlords require renters insurance when you sign a lease, as well. They’ll generally require a copy of your insurance policy or some proof of insurance on the possession date or a named date after the lease is signed. 


Q. Why is Red Deer renters insurance important?  

Renters insurance is important to Red Deer residents if they want to help reduce financial strain in the event of a catastrophe. Not only does Red Deer renters insurance cover your belongings from a wide variety of perils, it also protects you in the event a third party is injured or has their property damaged while in your rental unit. As you’re not covered by your landlord’s insurance in either scenario, this is important coverage to have as a renter. Replacing your belongings or dealing with a lawsuit can be expensive. You can have peace of mind and more financial security with renters insurance. 


Q. Is there a difference between renters insurance and homeowner’s insurance? 

Yes, there’s a difference between renters and homeowners insurance. Both cover your personal belongings and thirdparty liability in the event someone gets injured or has their property damaged while in your home. However, renters insurance doesn’t extend to the structure of your home or to anything that doesn’t belong to you. Your landlord would require their own insurance to have coverage for those repairs or replacements after an insured claim. A homeowners policy would also extend to the structure of the home. 

Renters insurance is often more affordable than homeowners insurance, as well.  


Q. Is there any additional coverage available for Red Deer renters insurance? 

You can choose from add-on coverages to ensure you’re fully protected: 

  • Overland Water – this covers water damage caused by overland water flooding, such as during heavy rain or snowmelt or due to a body of water overflowing.  
  • Sewer Backup – this covers water damage caused by the backup of your rental unit’s drains.  
  • Collections – this add-on offers extended protection for valuable collections. 
  • Property in Storage – protect any of your belongings that you have in storage. 
  • Identity Theft extension – provides additional identity theft coverage.  
  • Jewellery – if you have valuable jewellery, it’s important to ensure the items are adequately protected with this add-on coverage.  

There are many other add-ons that offer additional coverage. These offers vary by the Red Deer insurance company.  Your broker can help you decide what add-ons you need. 


Q. How much does Red Deer renters insurance cost? 

Procom’s Red Deer renters insurance is generally quite affordable. Your insurance rates are based on where you live, your insurance and claims history, the value of your belongings, and your coverage options. Some insurance companies have additional factors. Our brokers will help you understand your rates and help you save money by insuring you get the discounts you’re entitled to.  


Q. What does Red Deer renters insurance cover? 

In addition to the personal property damage or replacement and thirdparty injury and property damage liability, Red Deer renters insurance also covers the following: 

  • Additional Living or Mandatory Evacuation Expenses – during a mandatory evacuation or if your unit is unable to be lived in after an insured claim, you will receive funds to cover your additional living expenses up to your policy limits. This is the above-and-beyond costs of your daily living due to being forced out of your home. This can include accommodation, utilities, food and other living expenses.  
  • Out-of-Home – Some policies include coverage for your belongings while you travel or if they’re stored outside of your home.  
  • Identity Theft – Many renters insurance policies offer coverage for identity theft. 

There are many risks that Red Deer renters insurance can cover, including: 

  • Fire (including wildfire) 
  • Explosions  
  • Smoke damage 
  • Windstorms and tornadoes 
  • Lightning 
  • Hail  
  • Short circuits 
  • Damage by a vehicle (if it isn’t owned by you) 
  • Vandalism 
  • Theft 
  • Hail 

The above isn’t a complete list and the list of perils you’re protected from will depend on your coverage options and insurer.  If you have endorsements (or add-on coverages) such as overland water and sewer backup, you’ll be covered for more perils.  

Keep in mind that there are always exclusions to your policy. For example, some insurers won’t cover injuries caused by dog bites under your renter’s liability insurance. Others may not cover items in storage unless you have specific add-on coverage. You’ll also need an overland water add-on to be protected from that type of water damage in most cases, too. Wear and tear is also not covered. Talk to our Procom Red Deer insurance brokers for more details on what is and isn’t covered by Red Deer renters insurance. 


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